Deleted Scene

Since yesterday I painted Nancy, I felt like I had to set things right by painting Holly today. The scene is a selfie I took of the two of us reflected in a glass door as we took one of our socially distant walks. I especially like Holly’s pose.

Other than that, the day would have been just a normal one, had I not come across an unexpected revelation. There is a scene in Storms of Malhado that never made it past the fifth draft. I’m not sure I really had the intention to delete it, but it got lost somehow. It’s a good scene but probably not necessary – after all I went through five subsequent drafts and the slow meticulous processing of comments from my editor without realizing it was gone. Still, it holds a certain appeal, so I decided to send it to my VIP readers as a special treat. If you want to get it yourself, join my Mother’s Day campaign and I’ll send it to you too! All I need is the email of someone you love whom you’d like me to send a free ebook to!

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