Special Light

Today I painted this watercolor inspired by @andraandreescu on Instagram, and Holly wrote a Mother’s Day poem about how I am not her mother. I’m so proud of her many talents!

She’s Not My Mother


I am an elderly dog

With a young disposition.

I’m pretty sure I’m an orphan

Though I really don’t care.

The human I watch over

Bristles slightly,

Her feminisms all

Standing alert

Like the quills of a porcupine

When people wish her

Happy Mother’s Day

For being a dog mom.

How can she be my mom

When I am old and wizened

And she still has

Edges so sharp?

How can she be a mother

When she never wanted

Her identity entangled

With a bundle of joy?

She always thought pregnant bellies

Were cute

Under polka dotted dresses

But babies she finds boring

And children too loud

And messy.

She doesn’t mind it though

That I occasionally

Eat poop.

She googled it

And learned

That dog mamas sometimes

Teach their babies to do so.

She likes imagining my mother.

My mother was a dog.

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