Fun in the Park

Inspired by my mentor, John Ross Palmer, who spends a lot of his time outdoors during this strange social distancing period, I decided to take Holly to the park. First we stopped by John’s where I dropped off a toy postal truck I bought for him on his porch. From behind the glass door, Bobby wagged his tail, excited to see me. I even saw Alexander Ross displayed in the gallery, like a reminder of a whole fun life we shall hopefully all return to soon. I talked to Bobby through the glass, then went and parked my car by the Heights Library and took Holly on a walk. We paused in the grass to enjoy the sunshine. It felt really good, and people were both sparse and relatively mindful. It was easy to stay away from others. Holly was very very happy. Look at that smile!

Also, I felt inspired to share two of my older paintings with y’all, and the newest review of Storms of Malhado, which I really treasure!

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