A Haircut in Italy

This painting is inspired by a photo from Italy by @costanzo_dangelo which I saw on Instagram. The picture really spoke to me. At first I thought the woman in it was a nurse, but then I looked at her hand, and realized she’s a hairdresser holding a comb. Something about her concentrated gaze really touched me. Because while I’m not in a hurry to get a haircut anytime soon – I was lazy about scheduling them even before Covid – I know a lot of people have really been looking forward to them. And the little things can be so important.

Also today I took this very lovely picture of my sweet little puppy, my friend came by with a mask on for curbside delivery of a birthday gift that’s all pink and sparkly and contains a dancing llama toy, and John seems to be having fun with the little postal truck I left on his porch yesterday. Some days I realize it really doesn’t take a lot for me to be happy.

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