Pink Rose

What can be better than waking up, going downstairs, and finding a homemade chocolate olive oil cake on the counter? Pink roses next to the chocolate cake will make the celebration complete! My friend stopped by to drop off pink roses, and they are so very lovely! Other great things: another friend is ordering Chinese food for me tomorrow! The blog tour for Storms of Malhado has started today with this wonderful review (which even mentions the horses!), and Matilda the carousel horse is planning some very exciting adventures. But I need adventures too. Much as I love staying home with Matilda, Holly, and a fridge full of delicious food, much as I love getting lost in books and paintings, sometimes I need to go places I like and see people I enjoy being with. Yes, even in a pandemic! Luckily walking around outside with masks on has been declared very low-risk by the experts, so it’s what my friend and I did tonight at dusk to celebrate my birthday. It was a beautiful early summer evening here in Houston, and in the live oak trees herons were nesting, making quite a racket. Nature was very much alive and very beautiful – a little dangerous too, considering the risk of heron droppings. It felt good to be outside, to have a change of scenery, and even driving to a different part of town was a fun journey.

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