Paris Quarantine

Today’s watercolor is inspired by a photo posted on Instagram by Parisian journalist and fashionista Valerie Tribes. She said the end of quarantine is making her nostalgic as she enjoyed being home with her pets. Of course, I wonder what it would be like to be quarantined in Paris, with those beautiful balconies and views of Parisian rooftops.

I myself can relate to the nostalgia. I love my peaceful days with my writing, my art, my cooking, and my dog. I decided to not push myself to go to the Island or anywhere else today. I stayed home and made a very spicy veggie chili. I also made a chocolate olive oil cake. Note: I do not have a mixer. Not even a whisk. You can beat eggs with a fork. You can continue folding in chocolate and flour with a wooden spoon. It’s quite a workout. My cake is very good. I think Edna would be proud. Also, the fridge is full of so much yummy food! Although obviously it’s just me here. But it’s a Taurus birthday! I thought this was appropriate!

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