What Are You Reading?

I wasn’t sure what exactly this pandemic would do to our reading habits, but if anything, I thought we would … More

Sleeping Cow

Today I painted this sleeping cow. Y’all know I love cows and identify with them, and this one is very … More

The Path

Inspired by a picture of a Texas park a collector saw on Instagram and sent me. A good reminder that … More

Meet Maximilian

I’m not saying that Alexander Ross can ever be replaced in my heart, because he can’t, but in one of … More

Alex Goes on an Adventure

Do y’all remember Alexander Ross, the little carousel horse that belonged to my mentor and that I’m totally obsessed with? … More


Today I did a watercolor of Mary Star of the Sea, back to watching over us from the top of … More

Blackout Tuesday

Today was a day where people in the music industry decided they would be quiet in support of Black Lives … More


Today I painted a gold pen. I was going to do something more serious and more meaningful but the pen … More