Bobby is a Scorpio

This really sweet picture of Bobby came up in my Facebook memories today. It’s from two years ago when I was in the Escapist Mentorship Program and painting up a storm for my solo show, The Platform. Bobby, sweet loyal soul that he is, was hanging out in my studio offering moral support. In case you didn’t know it, Bobby is a Scorpio, and Scorpios make great friends.

If you like discussing astrology and are wondering whether it truly applies to English Pointers, you might like the Zoom Book Clubs I’m planning for my new novel, Storms of Malhado – the historical novel everyone is talking about this hurricane season! How about a virtual book club where the book-related questions are things like: Would you date a drug dealer? Do you think horses can descend stairs? Who were you in your previous lives? Is it better to cheat on a spouse or leave a marriage without explanation?

If this virtual book club sparks your interest, check out today’s Crazy Good Deal!

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