Today the outpouring of support for my Beach Revue video continued! I’m so lucky to have such awesome collectors and readers! I not only met, but exceeded my goal. And, motivated by all the support, I started preparing for tomorrow’s filming session. A brand new canvas waits on the wall, but other preparations were necessary as well. In 1900, Suzanne would not paint looking at a picture of the stormy sea on her iPhone. She would not mix paints on a makeshift pallet that used to be a takeout container. She would not dip her brushes in a plastic receptacle that used to hold wonton soup. So I decided to paint a small watercolor study of the stormy scene I’m looking to capture on the large canvas. I can use it for reference tomorrow au lieu of the phone. I also found a real pallet, a glass jar for the brushes. But through it all, the most important thing is my enthusiasm for this project. I can’t wait to film the video tomorrow!

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