Wedding Portrait

Today I was commissioned to paint a wedding portrait via Facebook Live for one of my favorite collectors, Lauren Waddell, who has supported me and brought only sunshine into my life since I met her two years ago during the Escapist Mentorship Program. Tomorrow is her 10-year wedding anniversary with her husband John, and she is giving him this portrait among other gifts. I hope he likes it! Their wedding took place in Cape Cod, and in the picture she sent me they looked very very happy, which is what I tried to capture.

Meanwhile, here at the Sandovici Gallery, progress is being made on all fronts: The video for the Beach Revue (which is cute and funny as can be) has been successfully sent off to the Galveston Historical Foundation, the third draft of The Glory Days of Aimée Bonnard is on its way to two beta readers, and the dog and I are having fun living with the giant painting of the angry sea on our wall. Also, another one of my favorite collectors, who owns watercolors dating back to the start of the blog, which she found at Tangerine back when they were on display there, has received her paperback of Storms of Malhado and started reading it tonight. I’m so excited!

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