The Great Escape Artist

I’m very inspired by the story of the octopus who escaped from a New Zealand aquarium and squeezed its large body through a drain pipe making its way to the ocean. Perhaps there’s hope for all of us, and y’all know there are few things I like better than thoughts of escaping. Pandemics and the ensuing travel restrictions are not very good for that, but this is bound to end eventually.

Meanwhile today I took a few more steps towards making The Glory Days of Aimée Bonnard a reality. I shared it with my historical expert (who is delightfully ruthless) and with two of my favorite beta readers. I also approached my #1 reader, who reads all my books and is always the first to review them, and who specifically asked me to write a story about a Galveston prostitute, to be a beta reader and she said yes! So tomorrow I will email her the manuscript. I’m nervous but excited – more excited than nervous actually.

And there’s a new review for The Adventures of Miss Vulpe from a reader who found Ana likeable and funny.

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