Cava in the Rain

In which my friend came by to pick up her watercolor commission and we wore our masks inside like good civic-minded citizens, then decided to sit outside at a safe distance from each other and drink cava. It was drizzling just a little bit, but it was still nice to be outside and nice to be together yet at a safe distance, to drink some bubbly and laugh. I was still buzzed when doing my Facebook Live show, but it was funny, and at the end two people wanted the cava watercolor. My friend who actually drank the cava with me was the one who got it.

There have been some good writing-related incidents as well. The collector who purchased Mary Star of the Sea wrote to say she really enjoyed Lost Path to Solitude. There was a chapter in particular she really liked, and last night I went back and reread it. It was interesting to remember all that, the feelings I experienced while writing that book, as well as the things that were going on in my life at the time. Also, I found that I too, really love that chapter. I might have forgotten that for a moment, and it was nice to remember.

I also did more editing on Glory Days, and made this little Instagram post using a quote I find funny. It wasn’t a very popular post, possibly because it uses the word “whore” – not a word I usually like. In fact, the only context in which I find it relevant is in referring to someone who trades sex for money, and even then I prefer “prostitute” or “sex worker.” But, as a luxury prostitute in 1888, Aimée sometimes refers to herself as a whore. She also likes calling herself a courtesan, which is charming. In any case, she does not internalize the judgement some bestow on her chosen profession, and she’s a fun girl with a good sense of humor. I find that the quote represents her well.

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