From Bathing Beauties to White Linen

Today was the day of the Bathing Beauties Contest! I woke up to people sending me good wishes and even a snapshot of an article from the Houston Chronicle about the Beach Revue. Watching it online was for sure different than being on the Seawall – sigh! – but I’m glad the Galveston Historical Foundation had the contest anyway, and glad I participated.

You can now see the little video Buburuza Productions made for me, and which I submitted to the contest, on YouTube. It did not win, but it was well received and extremely fun to make, and I’m really grateful to all the wonderful people who supported me. If you want to take a peek at the winner, check out @_sunshinecharlotte_ on Instagram. You can see her video there, which I really love! She owns an old house on the Island, has a cute cat, and we became friends on social media, so I hope I will get to meet her one day when this stupid pandemic is over.

Also, I really enjoyed some of the historical pictures that were included in today’s Beach Revue. One of them inspired today’s painting. And I learned some interesting things: Did you know that women wearing bathing dresses such as mine circa 1900 would wear bathing stockings and bathing shoes to the beach, including in the water? That detail has to make it into my next novel.

After the Beach Revue, tonight held another fun online event, the epic yearly White Linen party hosted by my mentors. I only wish we could have had it in person, but we sure had a lot of fun online! Earlier in the day I drove to John’s to pick up my bottle of champagne and snack pack for the occasion – also a beautiful white rose.

I also picked up my new painting by Sarah Rimboch, from her Latrice series. You can see it below, on the right hand side, next to MoNique Leroux’ big blue and gold painting I bought last year. On the left in the golden frame is a painting by Thaddaeus Arvie. I have to say that Sarah’s painting has a big personality and really changes my experience of walking into that room. It has gold on it too and shines in beautiful ways when the lights are low. I really love it and am happy I bought it.

As to the big pink monster… I’ve no idea what that is or what it’s hiding. But the new painting does make me want to tidy up the room. Maybe.

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