White Rose

Highlights of the day: Being interviewed and my work being featured on this Australian blog. Also, I think I’ve made a new friend in the author of the blog.

Today’s painting : a white rose John gave me along with my goodie bag for last night’s virtual White Linen party.

Other fun stuff: Here’s the “making of” video for my Bathing Beauties contest submission. You can see that Bogdan and I had lots of fun! And paint ended up everywhere!

And now that the Bathing Beauties contest is behind us, you may wonder what’s next? I’ve been thinking of this all day, and having a little bit of that type of blues one gets when an important milestone has passed. The answer, in a way, came from the Bathing Beauties contest itself. I remembered during the contest, that back when I’d applied, I thought Storms of Malhado would be published on September 8th, on the anniversary of the Great Storm. By publishing it early I’ve won five months of readers, reviews, and other adventures. But what if I were to make a really huge deal out of the September 8th launch date? I’m so much better at hosting online events now. I could organize various online release parties around that date! It could be fun and something to look forward to!

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