Jin Chan

I woke up this morning to find that the energy had shifted. While I really felt this full moon – tiredness, unexplained sadness, weird dreams, the works! – I felt that today everything would be different. I also felt a powerful need to tidy up my space, to get rid of stuff. Remember the monster made out of clothes that was in my bedroom underneath my beautiful new painting by Sarah Rimboch? I slayed it this morning, then decided that maybe the old tattered papasan chair I dragged here from Galveston needed to go too. It was a gift from my favorite redhead, and so I texted her about my need to clean, the full moon, and other important matters. She said she’d been feeling the same, plus also inspired to feed the Jin Chan. The Jin Chan is a powerful Feng Shui symbol – the Money Toad. She has a statue of it from the Witchery. Apparently it’s very auspicious if the Jin Chan manifests itself in your life around the Full Moon. It means you will get good news and money.

So I decided to paint the Jin Chan over Facebook Live in order to manifest it for everyone watching. John came on and said he wasn’t aware of the symbolism, but that last night a frog was in the gallery and Ryan called him and asked him to take it outside. John has a pond full of frogs. But there has never been one in the gallery before. We took this as a very good omen.

As to my own Jin Chan, I placed it by the door, so money can come into the gallery. And I am really happy with my tidy bedroom with its happy art – sans papasan chair.

Also, I’m having some really good ideas about promoting Storms of Malhado and getting ready to celebrate it properly on September 8th.

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