Something Big

Y’all know I love my watercolors, but sometimes I need to make something big and to put all my energy into it. The other day I saw on social media that John challenged one of the Escapists to create a large abstract painting in under an hour. I love that type of challenge, as it’s meant to bring out the spontaneity and playfulness in the artist, to eliminate overthinking, self-doubt, and the desire to control the outcome and turn the art into something perfect and contrived. So I set my timer for an hour, and painted furiously over Facebook Live. It was so much fun and people really enjoyed it! At the end of the show I successfully auctioned off the painting. It was all magical and extremely satisfying. Will definitely try this again.

Also, I keep making all these Canva collages to advertise the official release of Storms of Malhado on September 8th – the anniversary of the Great Storm of 1900.

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