Banana Cream Pie

Today I spent some time thinking of different things I might do for the official release of Storms of Malhado on September 8th. One idea I came up with is maybe having an old fashioned pie recipe contest – with judges who are foodies. I figured that could be fun, since Betty eats so much pie in the book.

Also, look at the adorable baby frog John sent me a picture of. He’s so cute! Look how tiny he is.

It’s the season for frogs – which also makes it the season for night herons who go out hunting for our sweet amphibian friends. Tonight I saw the night heron again. I’d been hoping for a sighting since this time last year. And now he was back, majestic and surreal, standing in the same place where I last saw him, a good reminder of the healing power of nature, of the way in which things always come full circle.

After I calmed my hyperventilating dog and got back home, I looked up the symbolism of the night heron again. Apparently he’s meant to tell us we’re exactly where we need to be. A heron sighting is also an invitation to slow down and contemplate.

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