Peach Pie

Maybe the heat got to me, or maybe all the swimming I’ve been doing, but today I felt tired and sluggish and I also really felt like baking a peach pie. What I definitely didn’t feel like doing, was going to the post office. So in the end I did not. I baked the peach pie, ate a big slice – surely it has iron or something else that’s good for me, right? – then later painted it on my Facebook Live show. Today I actually dressed up for the show, which felt good.

Meanwhile, I’ve been having small but consistent sales for Storms of Malhado, and even a new review. Y’all know how I love those!

Also, a very cool reader, sent me a picture of the paperback by her inflatable pool in her backyard. I guess for a lot of us, this is what our vacations look like. But that’s ok. Because summer is still beautiful. There are frogs out there, and ripe peaches, and night herons, and books that can transport us.

Also, I took a bit of a walk down memory lane today, revisited some old posts from my Blogger blog, such as this one containing the first chapter of Dogs with Bagels.

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