Guest Suite with Horse

Holly’s a lot like me. She loves travel and adventure and staying in different places. In fact, before this pandemic forced us to stay home and slow down, neither the dog nor I had ever in our whole entire born lives spent six whole months sleeping in the same bed every night. It was definitely time to sleep somewhere else.

When my mentor went on vacation and asked me to look after his frogs, plants, and cats, I was happy to say yes, but hesitant about the possibility of staying in his lovely guest suite. I figured I’d just drive home. I had actually for once in my life gotten used to this whole sleeping in the same bed every night thing.

But in true John style he texted me until I relented. In the end I did it for my dog. I figured it would mean a lot to her to enjoy a mini-vacation at this point. She loves hotels so much, and this place is better than a luxury hotel. After all, hotels don’t put vintage carousel horses on your bed, do they?

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