Today I got a little package in the mail that was compact and heavy. I had no idea what could be inside and thought it might be a mistake until I opened it and found the dumbbells I ordered a few days ago. They arrived just in time, as my friend will teach me how to use them, and a few other friends and I created a little group to help motivate each other to work out.

I’m not going to lie, I miss going to the gym. But between swimming, walking, yoga, and now these little dumbbells, I will hopefully manage not to turn into a potato.

Today I spent some time making this year’s Christmas ornaments, which feature, of course, Matilda! As Christmas and Christmas shopping will be different this year, I’m planning to make ten very special boxes full of gifts that people can buy. These will be surprise boxes. They will all contain two pieces of art, an ornament, a book or two, in some cases a T-shirt. All items will be suitable for either gifts or for keeping for one’s own self.

I will wrap the boxes in Christmas wrapping paper and personally deliver them to people’s houses. I really think the whole thing will be a lot of fun!

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