I Miss the Frogs

Today John commissioned me to paint one of his tiny frogs. The pink stuff is supposed to be his fingers, to show just how tiny the frog baby is. I miss the frog pond and the general easy vibe of being in the Heights.

I spent the day readjusting to being home, also putting some finishing touches on the sixth draft of Glory Days, which I plan to send to my editor tomorrow. And what will I do with myself in the mornings while she’s working on it? My friend in Amsterdam suggested I work on promoting my already published books, doing stuff for them I might have been putting off, and I know that she’s right. I like that suggestion.

Also, I probably need to do a better job advertising my paperback campaign raising money for the Houston SPCA. I’ve raised $35 so far, which is starting to look like something, but I want to do way better than that!

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