Christmas Boxes 2020

Today the red tissue paper I’d ordered for my Christmas boxes arrived, and I got to work right away. These boxes full of surprises are so much fun! Basically, since Christmas shopping this year will be so different, and people will miss out on the fun of coming to the gallery, I decided to make ten boxes full of surprises – art and books perfectly suitable for being given as gifts or kept for oneself. Each box contains at least two small paintings (ready to hang), at least one book, one sparkly Matlida ornament, perhaps a limited edition Houston in the Rain T-shirt, and then some! In fact, after filling the ten boxes today, I find that there’s still room, so I’m adding more stuff. The boxes cost $100, which includes contact free yet festive delivery in the Houston area.

I made these two happy butterflies in order to add some extra cheer to them. Tomorrow I will wrap them in Christmas paper, and will start selling them! I already have orders for two!

Also, I got a very thoughtful new review for Storms of Malhado and I’m so pleased that this reader paid a lot of attention to the issue of race throughout the story.

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