Blue Remedy

I read some stuff about Mars Retrograde and learned that the color blue is supposed to mitigate the effects it has on us. So today I decided to make a big blue painting. It definitely helped. I think it’s a soothing presence.

Editing Glory Days, or rather getting reacquainted with it, is moving way too slow. Or perhaps it’s supposed to be slow right now, the process of immersion gradual and somewhat magical. Perhaps I’m supposed to be patient with it, which is not my strong suit.

To take some of the pressure off, I resorted to cooking: a scrumptious crawfish cornbread, then an elaborate moussaka that’s simmering slowly as we speak. All in all, the day felt more balanced than yesterday and held a few more reservoirs of joy. I even got an unexpected and quite lovely gift: My friend sent me a glass seashell paperweight all the way from Tennessee. It has a swirl pattern in it that looks like a hurricane, and she said it reminded her of my book. It came at a most opportune moment: Tomorrow I’m starting a major free promotion for the ebook version of Storms of Malhado, and I feel like this seashell paperweight will be good luck.

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