Tiny Horses

After yesterday’s big blue painting, today I figured it was fun to create something really small: teeny tiny carousel horse paintings that can be used as luggage tags or Christmas decorations, or any number of things. Because obviously carousel horses are very useful, especially teeny tiny ones.

Today was also the first day of the free promotion of Storms of Malhado on Amazon. And I was featured as Author of the Day on ManyBooks. I really like the questions they came up with for my Author Interview, and the collage they made of my headshot and the cover.

It inspired me to create a little Media Hub section on this website to show off some articles and interviews about my work. I usually like to have a room for that at the gallery, modeled after my favorite guest bath in my mentor’s house, which I like to refer to as the Bush Bathroom as it contains letters from the Bush family. But with no gallery visits during the pandemic, I felt that I needed to do that in a virtual space.

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