After a few kind of blah days, today had a different energy to it – perhaps the New Moon? There were several moments of serendipity in which I felt connected to people I’m close to (obviously not physically, haha!). After finishing Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia last night, I’d been thinking of mushrooms and resolving to paint them, when my friend in the Netherlands sent me pictures of mushrooms she was photographing in a forest. Y’all know I love serendipity like that!

The rest of the day also had its fun moments, its sparks of connection, and just overall a good sense of flow.

I started working on a picture book about 2020. John has been telling me to make a picture book with my art in it for a long time, and I was mostly afraid of going down the editing rabbit hole, but here I am. This crazy year deserves a special keepsake.

Meanwhile Storms of Malhado is still free on Amazon for the next three days, and at tippytoes, one of the cutest stores on Galveston Island, housed in the beautiful historic Trueheart-Adriance Building, the paperbacks sold out. I’m promptly and happily restocking them. It turns out that with proper placement this book can do really really well. Which I already knew, but it’s good to see it actually happening.

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