Butterfly Day

My friend and I have this thing about butterflies as symbols of the dearly departed. And today was a day with a special significance for me. I could feel a certain kind of magic from the other side and ended up having an enchanted kind of day. There was beautiful fall weather – the rain of Beta giving in to a pleasant coolness – and a trip to the Heights to deliver a copy of Storms of Malhado to a friend I hadn’t seen in a long time and had missed. I ended up walking through the Heights, feeling inspired and happy, enjoying the beautiful neighborhood on this beautiful day.

A few other things came together, some expected and some not, and through a serendipitous turn of events my friend who likes butterflies and I had a special moment on my Facebook Live show and she decided to buy today’s painting.

Later in the evening I got to enjoy my favorite kind of treat: A book club – over Zoom, of course – invited me to discuss The Adventures of Miss Vulpe. It was so much fun! I loved talking to them, and they were interested in a potential sequel from the perspective of Ana’s sister, so now it’s definitely a project that I need to make myself pick up again.

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