Miss Vulpe – The Story Continues

Last night’s book club inspired me. Late into the night I started rereading The Adventures of Miss Vulpe. I probably stayed up too late doing so, and today I woke up with a post-book club hangover. I only really had the one glass of wine, but once more have lost my alcohol tolerance. Whatever. It wasn’t exactly the best day, as hangovers feed my penchant for drama, but the ideas kept coming. I knew, out of a sudden, some of the things that are meant to happen in the sequel. It was good to once more feel so inspired.

I also got an interesting new review for Storms of Malhado, posted on British Amazon. It’s interesting, because most of my readers are people to whom the book appeals because they know and love Galveston. But the British reader wasn’t familiar with it, didn’t even know it was an island, and was left with a sense that they might have liked to visit. Which made me happy. It also reminded me of a man I met once in a bar in Amsterdam, at a time when I was very homesick for the Island. “I didn’t know there were islands in Texas,” he’s said. So, among other things, perhaps that’s my mission, to raise awareness that Texas does, indeed, have very lovely islands.

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