So Much Fun!

Today was a day full of serendipity and fun. From a chance encounter at breakfast this morning between my mentor and my new friend and collector who owns a lot of my art, to the nice walk I took with my friend (with masks on, of course!), to this Louisiana commission I’m working on for a very special collector, the day was already shaping up to be magical, but then my friends texted to ask if I would join them for open studios at Sawyer Yards. We put our masks on and went. It was definitely my first time in a place with so many people, but everyone wore masks and was respectful of distancing, and seeing the studios again and some of the artists I know and love was such a treat! I miss having fun and bubbly interactions with people. I miss going out and seeing art and soaking up inspiration. The event showed me that with a large enough venue, with masks and ventilation, this can be done safely. I even encountered a friend who wanted to buy one of my books, and was able to sell it to him on the spot!

Frankly, the day reminded me of why I am in Houston, of the art scene I love so much, and all the fun connections and interactions that can happen here. It’s easy to forget after more than six months in isolation that this city has so much to offer.

Also, what do y’all think of this look for the cover of Glory Days?

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