Timeless Elegance

Yesterday’s inspiration continued today. I got to have some very good interactions with some of my favorite glamorous ladies (you know who you are!), including even a masked walk with one of them. And yes, of course, the mask itself can be worn with flair and style. At some point we talked about Jackie O, so I felt inspired to paint her. I’ve always been in awe of her timeless elegance.

The day continued to be great. I’m literally 3 book sales away from raising $300 for the Houston SPCA, and actually, wait… Someone bought a book today so that means only 2 books to go! Click on Horse Money if you’d like to learn more.

I also had quite a wonderful and empowering adventure in my journey as an entrepreneur: I finally managed to upload enough works into my online store to make it interesting and fun. I really had been meaning to do this forever… Today it was finally presentable (though there are so many works I still want to upload) and some of my favorite people bought some of my favorite things!

Case in point, this sweet little watercolor featured on one of my favorite blog posts from way back when I was trying to rescue my Chanel Paseo de Gracia painting out of a consignment store in Barcelona. I love remembering all that, and I love that painting!

Also, I wore a red dress for my online show because sometimes you just have to.

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