Layers of Art

We’re getting really close to the Art Launch 2020 Gala, and here is one big reason why you should consider supporting this fundraiser: All the funds go to a program that teaches artists free of charge how to be successful and independent. This has implications way beyond the art world. And while most of us would agree that art makes the world a better place, there are many more benefits to communities as a whole if individuals learn how to thrive in a business they’re passionate about. These are economically unstable times and our communities need businesses that are resilient. One might not necessarily think of artists as catalysts of economic growth, but given the right business education, artists can not only thrive, but become successful enough to help others. Successful artists channel passion and creativity not just into their art but into their business models. They come up with solutions, create valuable products pretty much out of nothing, pay taxes, rent cool spaces, beautify their communities, hire caterers, accountants, security guards, payroll professionals, and then some, contribute to fundraising efforts for a plethora of charities, and do many other valuable things. So if you are thinking of making a donation to Art Launch, of buying an auction item or a Gala ticket, you’re not just helping them empower artists so that artists can achieve their dreams. You’re helping them teach artists how to be successful business people, how to survive and thrive even in a pandemic.

Four talented people have benefited from such coaching this year. They have, despite all the chaos and uncertainty, prepared comprehensive and stunning solo shows (with masks and social distancing) and a graduation show you can see online. They have done outdoor markets, rented new studios, started new ambitious ventures, completed commissions, and reached out to new collectors. They have not given up but found new ways to make and sell art even under unfavorable circumstances. It’s the attitude we all need right now. If you want more artists to hone their entrepreneurial skills with Art Launch in the years to come, please consider contributing to the 2020 fundraiser. Also, depending on your contribution, you might get a champagne bottle painted by John Ross Palmer and other Escapist artists. These are a collaboration effort as each layer needed to dry before adding more, so basically you get layers and layers of art – something unique and lovely to remember this moment by. Because when this is all over, we will all want to remember the ways in which we overcame the bleakness of this year and did some pretty awesome stuff despite it all.

Look at the pretty labels I painted today for some of the champagne bottles. Don’t you want one?

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