The Gala Is Tomorrow!

The Art Launch Gala is tomorrow! The 2020 Escapists are graduating and all of us who have watched their progress couldn’t be more proud of them. The program is really wonderful but it’s very intense even under normal circumstances – think fast pace, steep learning curve, the challenge of overcoming mental blocks, plus actual physical exhaustion from making, transporting, storing, and lightning more art than ever before. And then some! Obviously during the pandemic everything was even more difficult what with the extra layer of anxiety plus the creativity required to deal with social distancing while still having art events. The 2020 Escapists navigated all this beautifully, made wonderful art, had successful solo shows, and are now ready to graduate. I am part of a very small group of people that will be at the gallery in person – with masks on and the proper distance, of course – but their big party is online. You can be part of it too! You can still buy a ticket! Also, check out the amazing auction items!

As for me, although this is not the Gala of the past two years, I’m excited to be there. Some very special dresses arrived in the mail today, and I’m planning to wear one that channels Alaïa.

I also got to go to the gallery today and help with some last minute preparations. Special sponsors will have food and champagne delivered tomorrow night (I get to make two special deliveries myself in my party dress!) for their complete Gala experience. So I helped John fold some boxes. Nancy and Bobby wanted to help but they were kept away from all the excitement. Luckily I still got to see them in the end. I especially wanted to see Bobby, as this is the beginning of Scorpio season and Bobby is a very very sensitive Scorpio dog.

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