Gala Night

Today was the big day – the Escapist Graduation Gala, broadcast over Zoom with just a few of us there. And there was a huge surprise in store for me. When Ryan asked me to be in the room when he and John gave the graduating Escapists their medals, I thought it was only because a properly masked person needed to take pictures of the ceremony. I had no idea they were giving me the Escapist Alumni Award. I’m totally blown away!

John made the award in his kiln and it is absolutely beautiful. And yes, I got a check too, which is super sweet as I miss getting Escapist checks like I did when I was in the program.

My Halloween drawing doesn’t really go with my exciting award announcement, but I’m too psyched to draw something right now after the Gala.

Earlier in the day I’d made these creepy collages too, to advertise my books, as the weather was chilly and I was getting into the Halloween spirit.

I will continue all of that soon enough, but first I’ll need to process my excitement over the award.

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