Haunted. By Foxes.

Today’s painting is of a fur teddy bear I saw in a shop window today. How perfect for Halloween! I mean, surely a fur teddy bear would be haunted. By foxes, no less, as the fur, though dyed blue, appeared to be fox. And I know these things as a furrier’s granddaughter.

In fact, tonight I took my own haunted foxes, silver and beautiful, out for a walk to see the Blue Moon. It’s a full moon in Taurus – my sign. It’s a time for portals opening and closing, a time to say goodbye to our past selves. This is something I also know a few things about. Here’s hoping it gets better with practice. It seems fitting that tomorrow I’ll get the keys to my new house in the Heights. I probably won’t sleep there just yet, but I might bring my dog on a reconnaissance trip. And I might bring my foxes.

Speaking of foxes, I plan to dress up for tomorrow’s Facebook Live, since it’s Halloween. A little clue: My costume is based on one of my major sources of inspiration for The Adventures of Miss Vulpe. And it’s connected to this watercolor from July 2017.

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