Hotel Monteleone

It was still cold today, but sunny. I dreamt something good. I don’t remember it now but some of my favorite people were in it. I felt inspired and I finally got back to the manuscript I’ve been neglecting, the one for the sequel to The Adventures of Miss Vulpe. Spoiler alert: I have this idea of Ana and Marga going to New Orleans in search of Clementine. So New Orleans has been on my mind. It features prominently in The Glory Days of Aimée Bonnard too. So I felt inspired to paint the Hotel Monteleone today, one of my favorite hotels in the whole world.

I also made a really good soup. Possibly the best soup ever. Cabbage and potatoes and Italian sausage, sage, garbanzo beans, carrots, some parmigiano reggiano. It’s warm and rich and satisfying and I can’t stop eating it.

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