News about My Upcoming Book

Y’all, I have some extremely exciting news and I want the people who watch my Facebook Live show and read my blog to learn it first! A big public announcement will follow soon, but for now I want to share it with y’all:

One book that really inspired me while I was doing research for The Glory Days of Aimée Bonnard was Galveston’s Red Light District – a History of the Line by Kimber Fountain, a historian who has published three very successful books about Galveston’s past and created the Red Light Walking Tours. The most important way her book about the history of sex workers on the Island impacted me is the fact that she described the prostitutes around the turn of the century not as victims of circumstance, but rather as women who wanted freedom at a time where there were very few avenues for them to obtain it. This greatly inspired the character of Aimée Bonnard in my novel, a woman who chooses this profession au lieu of marriage or of a modest and miserable life carrying out one of the limiting careers open to women back then.

I have great admiration for Kimber Fountain and her work. I approached her with some hesitation. What would she think of my manuscript? Well, guess what? She was open to reading it, likes it, and has agreed – drumroll! – to write a foreword to my novel. How exciting is that?

So please continue supporting my Kickstarter campaign. Fabulous things are in the works!

Today’s watercolor is inspired by a picture included in Kimber Fountain’s book, which shows a scene in the parlor at Mother Harvey’s, a famous Galveston brothel. The drawing includes a quote from John Ross Palmer about prostitutes: “They are the original female entrepreneurs.” He said that during my Facebook Live show and I couldn’t help but jot it down.

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