Lush Details

I got a review I really love for Storms of Malhado. I particularly am thrilled about the mention of “lush … More

Morning in Paris

This painting is inspired by a video one of my MegaFriends sent me today. Y’all know I love painting elderly … More


Today was a good day. There was all kinds of inspiration and good energy, and one thing that came out … More

Lucky Chickens

I wasn’t sure it would be a good day, at least not early in the morning when it was cold … More

Café de Flore

Work on the Paris in winter series continues. Today’s painting is inspired by an absolute favorite: Café de Flore. And … More

Paris in Winter

Sneak peek at one of my paintings for my upcoming show. I really love painting in my new studio, love … More

City of Light

Currently on my easel: a painting of Paris in winter. It’s nowhere near done, but at least I started it … More

Christmas Wreath 2020

Each year I like to paint a different Christmas wreath. This one is actually one of John’s, which he displays … More

Meet the Madam

Last week I shared Chapter 1 of The Glory Days of Aimée Bonnard in order to give readers a little … More