Today was a good day. There was all kinds of inspiration and good energy, and one thing that came out of it is this oyster. It goes well with my Christmas in Paris series, as oysters are an essential part of the Christmas feast over there.

The house continues to be lovely – a warm friendly space for new ideas to brew. The neighborhood continues to be lovely too. I didn’t get to see the chickens today, but I did discover a whole row of charming old houses with gas lights. I also managed to buy this tea I only drank once before, in Binghamton almost twenty years ago, when I had moved into my favorite apartment in an old Victorian house and found a teabag left behind in the cupboard by the former tenant, who was a friend of mine and a very sophisticated woman. Anyway, all these years later I found myself craving that tea because my house reminds me of that apartment I loved so much. I had to do some research online to identify it, as the packaging has changed over the years. But here I am on my front porch drinking Maharishi Ayurveda tea and finding it just as magical. I take it as a sign that even back then, in what now seems like a different life, the seeds of this life I’m leading now were already planted and that my path was meant to lead me here.

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