Oranges and Panettone

Added color to the carousel horse today. Did a little bit of shopping, ordered some essentials from Amazon. I didn’t feel like cooking or doing much, but I did get oranges delivered, good sourdough bread for thick French toast on Christmas morning, salmon for a healthy dinner, and I even have a small Panettone. Because nothing says Christmas like oranges and Panettone.

I’m making my way slowly through the list of Kickstarter backers and rewards, sending paperbacks to people near and far. Today my #1 reader, who always gets the first review in, posted her review of The Glory Days of Aimée Bonnard, and it’s a great one! You can read it here:

“When I took Kimber Fountain’s tour of the Galveston red-light-district, I thought that I would love to read a novel told from the point-of-view of a prostitute. This is that novel! I admit that I never thought of prostitutes as being astute business women, but Aimee Bonnard certainly disproves that. I have read this book twice, and on first-read, I didn’t like Aimee in the beginning, but this time I felt differently. Yes, she has a past that she is haunted by, and she keeps aloof for that and other reasons, but most of us probably have things in our pasts that are unpleasant, if not worse. It was not until Aimee faced up to that past that she was able to free herself from it. This novel is the story of how Aimee, a highly successful and well-paid prostitute, came to realize that money and renown are not everything. Once again, as in other novels, Ms. Sandovici has created a strong female character who evolves by the end of the novel. All of this is set against a background of Galveston, an island that it is obvious Sandovici loves.”

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