Winter Solstice Release Day

Today was the official release date for The Glory Days of Aimée Bonnard, my historical novel about a Galveston prostitute … More

Dancing Light

Getting closer to finishing the water lilies. I have this idea of dancing light, and how the dance – really … More

Layers of Blue

Torrential rain today. I was pretty tired all day. Still, I met with my Mega Sponsors and we examined the … More

Christmas Tree

Please excuse me while I share a whole bunch of pictures of my dog and my house.

A Filé Shortage?

A few weeks ago when my friends and I went to the seafood market in Kemah, I bought some andouille … More


It was a cold day and the tiredness of the move and other stressors had caught up with me. I … More

Small Wonderful Things

It seems like today was slow, and yet it contained a series of small wonderful things, such as my Mega … More