The water lilies are starting to look more cohesive. I think the section I painted today, a transition from blue … More

Baby Steps

Finally, finally got all my stuff out of the townhouse. And somehow, despite my White Russian hangover from last night, … More

Shortbread Cookies

Move almost done, but not quite, because I suck at logistics. Really fun zoom party this evening hosted by one … More


I had a dream – or was it a nightmare? – that I took my Christmas tree to the beach. … More

Water Lilies Continued

Today I continued painting the water lilies. I also got a few steps closer to completing the move out of … More

Mermaids and Oysters

It had been years since I’d been to San Leon for oysters, and when I heard about Pier 6, the … More

I Missed My Couch

In which Holly writes a poem about her couch: Couches were designed For dogs But humans Can sit on them … More

Rainy Moving Day

There’s an Italian saying about rain on one’s wedding day being lucky. But when I awoke way late this morning, … More