Sleep for Centuries

Our boil water notice was lifted today. Perhaps the nightmare of the Snowpocalypse is over. I feel like I could sleep for centuries.

The euphoria of feeling safe throughout a crisis is gone, the adrenaline of being in survival mode is gone too. Today I’m just plain tired, and maybe a little blue. Funny how through the days of uncertainty and worry caused by this natural disaster, my frustrations from before seemed so trivial. Now they’re back with a vengeance. Mundane worries, also being sick and tired of the stupid pandemic, being fed up with people’s refusal to wear masks, all that is back and more.

I’m getting some measure of comfort from marketing my books – though I still need to find the peace of mind to continue writing. I have a million worries about my upcoming show at the Chrysalis, mostly about safety during the pandemic. I’m torn between being happy to be back in my house and not sure yet if I really like it. And torn between wanting to do something about all of this, and wanting to simply let it go at least for now when I’m tired and cranky and therefore prone to some negative thoughts.

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