Still tired today. I threw out the orchids that froze inside my house. It now seems surreal, as we all enjoy sunshine and sandals, that just last week the cold killed people. It seems surreal that we camped out at John’s, that most of our energy was spent on thinking about food and water supplies.

Sometimes I catch myself being impatient with my own exhaustion – but how would one not be exhausted after last week?

Still, I got some things done today, and I shook off most of yesterday’s discontent. What I didn’t shake off, and what I intend to keep, is a desire for something more meaningful. More on that later.

At some point, the day was too lovely not to be outside. John came by and we spent some time in the yard. We did some brainstorming trying to come up with a name for my solo show. Two contenders were Can We Still Have Fun? and Wear a Fucking Mask but neither of these is what we picked. I’ll reveal the name tomorrow! It’s a cool name and has a lot to do with what I was going through as I created the works in the show.

Also, I made a little collage for Glory Days, because I just love making these.

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