Boiling Point

It’s getting close! My solo show at the Chrysalis is just around the corner! Today I worked on a flyer for the show, and also framed some surprise pieces.

Titled Boiling Point, the show is about my need to break out of my routine creatively and otherwise. The Pandemic pushed me first to take refuge inside my art and to come up with a routine that would fill my time in an enjoyable way. There was comfort in this routine, but as the pandemic and its restrictions dragged on, the desire to shake things up became stronger and stronger. The opportunity to create in the Chrysalis made me question where I was going. If offered this beautiful space, what was I going to do differently? What could I do here that I wouldn’t do in my own studio?

I’ve always loved the lusciousness and vibrancy of oil paint. There’s nothing like it. I made oil paintings on and off for years, however, it’s a more demanding medium, more of a commitment, so I never took on the challenge of creating a larger and more cohesive body of work in oil. I decided this would be my challenge during my time in the Chrysalis. It seemed ambitious, at times foolishly so, but the upside of reaching one’s boiling point is transformation.

The paintings are introspective, showing either nature, women alone, or women with animals. There are quite a few abstract pieces. And there is a giraffe.

Mostly, the pieces are meant to capture our journey inward during quarantine, the loneliness caused not just by the effort to avoid the virus, but also by often feeling alienated from others and their behavior during the pandemic. Ultimately the show is about the beauty of going within, but also about a strong desire to break free.

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