Champagne and Sweet Potatoes

Conditions are steadily improving (though we have another hard freeze to make it through tonight). Not only are we well … More

The Apocalypse Is Not Fun

The frog pond is frozen. We luckily still have electricity and a trickle of water. So many people don’t. It’s … More


We woke up at 6am without power. Our house was cold a dark. I put on many layers of clothes, … More

Bring them Inside

It’s snowing outside. It’s an abomination. I hope and pray our pipes don’t freeze. I wrapped the loquat tree in … More


Still cold outside though it’s not really supposed to freeze until tomorrow. Opening night for Meet Houston’s Artists. Great attendance … More


Today I started making evil eye protections for a few friends (and myself) and two of them ended up on … More

Year of the Ox

Happy Year of the Ox! I wish I were in Chinatown with dancing dragons downstairs and bakeries selling milk tea … More

Demoiselles d’Avignon

Today I painted two very special personalized copies of the Glory Days of Aimée Bonnard for the book’s Mega Sponsors, … More

Coastal Birds

Today I worked on some smaller pieces for my show. I like how these seagulls turned out. I also hung … More