Still Betty

It was cold today for the Closing Reception of my show. I couldn’t wear my fabulous pink and gold outfit from Tangerine. But the new seascape paintings were a success, and this was definitely a good finale for my show.

Later, with the weather still cold and damp, I got to thinking about the one year anniversary of Storms of Malhado and about Betty. It’s still Betty that I most identify with, although my life couldn’t be more different from hers. Still, there’s Betty’s particular way of wanting to hide from the world that I relate to, her self-doubt too, her bouts of over sensitivity, her longing for Cornelius although she knows she should focus on other things. Maybe I’m thinking of her more intensely today because I stopped by the League Mansion on my way out of Galveston yesterday. Someone has finally purchased the League Mansion and they’re doing work on it. That was good to see. And I wonder why I always think of it as Betty’s house, not so much as Suzanne’s or Katie’s. But perhaps it’s because Betty, in her introverted, overly observant way had more of a relationship with the house itself and with the garden too than they did.

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