New Knives

Today I decided to try the new pallet knives that just arrived. I ordered a bunch of new ones because a pallet knife painting was the most popular piece in my solo show, and I know the texture they create is unparalleled. I don’t feel like I have good control of this tool just yet, but I like how it allows me to apply thick layers of oil paint.

I also brought some of the paintings from the show into my own gallery space. They look really good in here and they make the space look great too.

My place is still a mess of boxes with all the recent art supply deliveries and the stupid vertical climber I ordered, which is heavier than I bargained for and therefore will probably lie in the middle of my living room as a constant reminder of my physical limitations until someone helps me to move it and set it up. Best not to think about this and oh so many other frustrating things and focus on my new pallet knives.

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