The papaya came today in my Imperfect Foods box. I like papaya quite a bit. I like to eat it with lemon juice the way this old lady showed me a long time ago when I was in grad school.

The day was rife with various annoyances and anxieties. But I wore one of my new outfits from Tangerine and it helped to be dressed like a human being as opposed to a couch potato that paints. I went to see my new doctor. He told me most people gained between ten and forty pounds during quarantine and are quite miserable. I felt like a sad sack myself but the day got progressively better.

I picked up a nice lunch at Pondicheri. I waited outside with my mask on while they were making it, because I’m only halfway vaccinated and by now fully feral.

I went to John’s and sorted through some of my stuff in the gallery. I put all the small pieces that sold in bags, nicely labeled, ready to be picked up, and brought them to my place. Moving out of the gallery feels good. I like having my paintings in my own space.

Nancy and I developed a new game. I sit on her blanket and she tries to pull it. John says that’s her house and that I’m a squatter. But aren’t we all squatters anyway?

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