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Easter 2020, 24×30 acrylic with collage elements on cradled wood panel

This painting, created on Easter 2020 and featured on my Facebook Live show, which at that time I conducted nightly, expresses the confusion, panic, but also quiet yet joyful exuberance of the first few weeks of lockdown. While that was a strange and scary time, I remember it mostly as a happy time, when there was nothing to do but create and share art with a loyal group of collectors who followed along mostly via Facebook Live. It was a time when I took comfort in establishing a soothing, soul-nurturing creative routine that empowered me to feel grounded, connected, and happy in circumstances that were unprecedented and completely out of control. I still believe that it’s our small day to day actions, our personal rituals that can first and foremost give us a sense of peace, gratitude, even bliss. Easter, for all its pastel hoppiness, is supposed to be a highly spiritual, highly introspective time when we meditate on topics such as love, forgiveness, gratitude, and rebirth. While our society typically encourages group celebrations and all sorts of fun frivolities (Easter bonnets, anyone?) spending an Easter in solitude without even the option of contemplating a gathering is an unexpected gift – a gift of time, an opportunity of true reflection, an occasion to rethink our ways of connecting, celebrating, and ultimately enjoying life. To me, this painting brings up beautiful memories of a beautiful time – perhaps a sign that slowly but surely, as the pandemic fades away and its trauma begins to disperse, we are left with lessons about love and wisdom and with new tools of finding joy and resilience deep within ourselves. Such a rebirth fits the theme of Easter perfectly!

The retail value of this painting is $900. However you can today acquire it at a fraction of its cost! The opening bid is $300. Minimum bid increment: $50.

Please enter all bids below as comments to this blog post. I will delete the blog post when the auction concludes tonight at 9pm CST.

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