Purple Sunset

No serious side effects after my second shot. My arm was a bit sore, but that’s about it. I felt a little tired – but wouldn’t volunteering in the hot sun make one tired?

I took it easy today, but I still got a few things done. I painted this purple sunset over Facebook Live. I wrote a little, took care of some correspondence.

In the evening, something absolutely magical happened: I was walking the dog when I noticed a bird flying in a flutter that was different from that of birds I’m used to. I looked up and saw a small rounded shape on a tree branch. I couldn’t see it clearly at first, but then I saw the large dark eyes, the tiny ear tufts. It was one of the owls in the neighborhood! I always had hoped I might get to see one! I stood there in awe, silently apologizing for having a fierce beast on a leash. To her credit, Holly was quiet. Then the owl flew away in the same flutter that caught my attention.

I walked home feeling extremely lucky. I googled Texas owls and came to the conclusion it was a Flammulated Owl. I hope that with some luck and magic our paths might cross again.

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