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Jardin des Tuileries. 2020. 40×30 acrylic on wood. Retail value $1800. Minimum bid: $600. Minimum bid increment: $50

Part of my Paris in Winter 2020 series, Jardin des Tuileries depicts one of my favorite parks in Paris, which even on the coldest winter day still has undeniable charm.

This painting has been very much admired at the Sandovici Gallery, both for its combination of muted yet evocative colors, for its depth, and for the depiction on a favorite Parisian landmark, the Louvre standing gracefully in the distance. Though perhaps its most hopeful element is the winter sky, where layers of Parisian gray mix with the promise of brighter hues – a reminder that even after the starkest winter, spring does arrive, a reminder too that winter can be a beautiful opportunity to pause and contemplate.

Bidding on this beautiful painting will start at $600 with minimum bid increments of $50. Please place all bids below as comments on this blog post.

Bidding concludes tonight, April 23rd, at 8pm CST. Bonne chance!

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